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Is Digital Marketing for Surgeons Worth It?

By Vahe Tirakyan
| 10/21/2022
4 min read

Digital marketing is a great way to find more customers and grow your surgical practice, but when it’s not your usual ‘bread and butter’ so to speak, wrapping your head around how digital marketing for plastic surgeons, general surgeons or medical clinics works is no easy task.

While there is a lot to take in, you shouldn’t be discouraged. Digital marketing really can be the key to supercharging practice growth and driving long-term success—and we can show you how.

The Benefits of Investing in Digital Marketing for Surgeons

There are numerous benefits to placing a strong focus on digital marketing for clinics. Here are just a few of them…

It’s effective

In today’s connected world, the internet is where most people go to conduct research about most of their purchase decisions—and it’s no different for a patient choosing a surgeon.

In fact, research shows that 77% of patients search online before booking an appointment with a medical practitioner or clinic. Taking a proactive approach to managing your digital marketing ensures you’ll reach those patients with the right messages and information at the exact time they’re looking for you.

It’s measurable

When considering traditional marketing methods like radio, television, print or billboard advertising, once your advertisement is out there, you really don’t have any way of measuring its effectiveness—and that’s where digital marketing has revolutionized the world of advertising.

All digital marketing activity can be easily measured. Whether you’re measuring impressions, leads, likes, visits or conversions, you always have access to real-time data to measure the effectiveness of your digital campaigns. 

It’s adaptable

Because digital marketing activity is so easily measured, it’s also easier to identify what’s working and what isn’t. 

With this valuable information, you can continually tweak, adjust or update your digital marketing strategy as needed, ensuring you direct resources toward the right activities that will maximize the return on your investment.

Most Effective Digital Marketing Ideas for Clinics

Depending on your business, some forms of digital marketing will be more effective than others. Here are some tried-and-tested digital marketing ideas for doctors offices, surgeons' clinics and medical practices you may want to consider.

Search Marketing

When a prospective patient uses Google search for something that relates to your clinic, search marketing will make sure they can find you in the results. 

Utilizing a combination of search engine optimization (SEO) and paid search marketing will ensure patients conducting research online see you, and help you generate more new patient leads.

Content Marketing

Producing high-quality content that’s valuable to patients is another great technique that will help to build the authority of the surgeon, establish your clinics’ brand, and strengthen your relationship with patients.

Developing blogs filled with information about procedures the surgeon performs will answer prospective patients’ questions while supporting your SEO strategy. But don’t stop there—video content is also a great way to interest and engage prospective patients.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing on platforms like Facebook and Instagram is also great for boosting your brand

While many doctor’s surgeries choose to stick exclusively to organic social media (i.e. posting through your own social media accounts), many also invest in paid or sponsored social media marketing which allows you to send targeted advertisements to a specific audience based on demographic factors such as location, age or gender.

We’re Here to Help

Getting started with digital marketing doesn’t have to be difficult. When you engage MD Logica, we can show you exactly what you need to do to get the most out of your marketing and drive long-term, sustainable practice growth.

Get in touch with us to find out how we can support your surgical practice.

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