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Tik Tok Marketing for Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons

By Vahe Tirakyan
| 4/8/2023
7 min read

Tik Tok Marketing: How to Gain an Audience for Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons

Are you looking for business growth? Do you want more cosmetic dermatology patients? More qualified plastic surgery inquiries?

Then you should seriously consider TikTok marketing for your dermatology or plastic surgery business.

We know, we know. You have questions. And objections. Well, we have answers to them all.

Who knows? Maybe by the end of this article, we’ll get you your first views and follows.

Isn’t TikTok an app for dancing teens? I don’t want to be a lip-synching dermatologist.

The short answer is yes and no.

The misconception about TikTok being an app for teens makes sense with the likes of Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae skyrocketing to superstardom after posting dancing videos. However, statistics show that under 33% of the app’s current U.S. user base are teens.

The remaining 77%? They’re adults (though some of them might dance, too).

But don’t just take our word for it. Go ahead and download the app for yourself right now (we’ll wait). Once you open it, start scrolling. You’ll flip through videos of talking dogs, vegan recipes, and, yes, even a few dancing teens. Pay them no mind.

**Because, sooner or later, you’re bound to find a video featuring someone who looks and sounds a lot like you. **

In fact, TikTok is chock full of MDs and other medical professionals providing valuable insight on everything from skin rashes to pelvic floor dysfunction.

If you take a peek at the comments, you’ll see dozens of users wanting to know more, asking for “part 2,” and even ready to schedule a visit. Above all, they’re saying how grateful (and often surprised) they are to learn this valuable information on TikTok.

With all of that engagement, it’s no question that the app has tremendous potential for easily growing an audience. It’s also a fantastic medium for educating your potential clients on common myths in your practice and sourcing more ideal-match leads.

And, hey, if you do want to be a lip-synching dermatologist, the app is definitely the place for you.

How do businesses use TikTok? Is marketing there worth the hype?

We’ll get into how you would join the ranks of your many, many medical aesthetic business peers already using TikTok. But before we do, why exactly would you want to?

You lead a busy life as a dermatologist, plastic surgeon, med spa owner, or other medical aesthetic professional. You’re highly credentialed and work hard to maintain your skills, professionalism, and client base. You’re probably thinking:

Why would I want to spend any of my precious time on yet another social media app? Besides, isn’t TikTok still too new to be a reliable source of business growth?

Despite only being founded in 2016, TikTok’s active user base has exploded over the past few years — it’s expected to hit 1.5 billion by the end of 2022. Many of those users use the platform to market or seek out products and services.

Here are some ways businesses use TikTok as part of their growth strategy:

  • Dispel myths/propose the brand as a solution by capitalizing on trends
  • Educate consumers/build authority by stitching reaction videos to TikToks discussing brand-relevant pain points, myths, or reviews
  • Pool audiences by collaborating with influencers and successful accounts to create joint videos or series
  • Go viral by creating entertaining, funny sketches featuring the brand as a character with the goal of gaining followers
  • Try TikTok’s multifaceted paid advertising services to get eyes on your content more efficiently
  • Use affiliates and/or micro-influencers for those who don’t want to create their own content: providing products or services to micro-influencers who then share their experiences with the brand to their audiences

Now, you don’t have to try all — or even any — of these strategies to successfully grow your dermatology or plastic surgery business using TikTok. Many aesthetic medicine business owners like you have carved out their own unique approaches to the app and found their audiences.

How are dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and other medical aesthetics businesses using TikTok?

You don’t need to be an influencer dermatologist to use TikTok to your business’ advantage (although, who knows, you could be).

Many professionals across the aesthetic medicine world use the social media app to educate, promote their practice, and generally de-stigmatize the service they provide.

Here are some content ideas to kick off your dermatology or plastic surgery TikTok account:

  • Specialty myth-busting. What are some common misconceptions or mistakes in your specialty? Are there at-home remedies you hate when your patients try? Do many of your clients confuse Botox with fillers? They’re waiting for you to educate them on their For You page.
  • Celebrities. Videos commenting on work famous people have done often do well on TikTok. And most people making them aren’t even professionals like you.
  • Office walk-through. Calm potential clients’ nerves by walking them through what coming into your office for a consult is like. Plus, it’s a fantastic opportunity to show off how professional and comfy your place is. Next step: walk right in.

There’s no limit to how creative you can get in your short video dispatches on TikTok. What matters is staying consistent and starting now.

Why now is the best time for dermatology and plastic surgery businesses to get on TikTok.

Despite TikTok’s global user base already being huge, the app is still in its early stages of growth in the U.S. The creator market is not as saturated as, let’s say, Instagram is.

Just a few years ago, social media success was an almost easy win to achieve for dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and other medical professionals with growing audiences on Instagram. You could use just the right hashtag on the right grid photo and garner thousands of likes, comments, and followers. Today, using the Meta-owned photo-sharing app for business growth is more of a dice roll.

On TikTok, though? It’s still early days.

Many creators are finding overnight viral success from just one video.

Another ingredient to the recipe for your dermatology or plastic surgery TikTok success? The demographic of patients turning to aesthetic medicine is trending younger. Those young people looking for more information about your specialty are on TikTok.

Add in the abundant content options present in your highly visual-based field… And we know you’ve got a viral TikTok idea that’ll speak directly to your ideal patients. Time to make it real. (Speaking of which — you can always recycle your TikTok video as an Instagram Reel. Two social media marketing birds killed with one stone!)

Don’t wait until everyone’s on TikTok and the field is more crowded. **Be a pioneer in this new frontier of aesthetic medicine marketing. **

Ready to grow your dermatology or plastic surgery business on TikTok? We can help.

At MD Logica, we’re all about whipping your aesthetic medicine marketing into tip-top shape. You don’t have to brave the new frontier of TikTok marketing — or marketing overall — alone.

Find out more about our marketing solutions for dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and other aesthetic medicine professionals. Don’t worry — we won’t make you do a TikTok dance (unless you want to).

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