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Finding the Best Medical Spa Hashtags for Instagram

By Vahe Tirakyan
| 10/20/2022
4 min read

When it comes to promoting your medical spa on social media,  using medical and skincare hashtags on Instagram as part of your digital marketing strategy is one of the best methods. 

Brands and celebrities capitalize on hashtags as a way to get discovered, expand their audience, build their online community, and get more engagement on their Instagram posts. But to experience these advantages, you have to pick the right tags.

How to Look for the Best & Trending Med Spa Hashtags

You should compile a list of relevant and trending medical spa hashtags that your target audience is using on Instagram — and that means research! You can research and find hashtags in the following ways:

  • Use paid hashtag analytics tools like Hashtagify, and RiteTag.
  • Look for your target audience and take note of the hashtags they use that are relevant to your practice.
  • Check out a competitor who has had success with their Instagram marketing and take note of which hashtags they're using — after all, their target audience is your target audience, too.
  • Generate your own list of keywords that describe your medical spa niche and what you post. Based on these terms, you can type them into Instagram's search bar, tap Tags, and then you'll be presented with a list of related and relevant hashtags. 

Once you have your list of hashtags ready, you can manually check their popularity using an Instagram search. When you type them into the Tag search bar, you can also see how many posts are under that hashtag. 

What to Know About Using IG Hashtags

There are some things to keep in mind when using hashtags:

  • You can use Instagram hashtags in captions, comments, bios, and Stories.
  • Instagram allows up to a maximum of 30 hashtags per post — this is counted across both post captions and comments.
  • Instagram Stories have a limit of 10 hashtags per Story.
  • Punctuation breaks the hashtag — don't use it.
  • Only use relevant hashtags. The Instagram algorithm can detect consistently spammy hashtags.

Trending hashtags constantly change — make sure you do a bit of research every now and then to stay on top of the game.

How to Use Medical Spa Hashtags for Instagram Effectively

One best practice is to have a minimum of 10 hashtags in your post. With your compilation of trending aesthetic medicine and esthetician hashtags, sort them into the following, and take note of how many of each you should use:

  • Extremely Popular Hashtags - industry-specific, popular tags with 750K-1M+ posts, like #medspa. Include 5-7 of them in your hashtag block. 
  • Popular Hashtags - industry and service-specific tags with 500K-750K posts, like #medicalspa. Find 4-5 to use.
  • Moderately Popular Hashtags - typically location and service-specific tags, like #facialfillers. Include 5-6 of them, and make sure to include services you offer.
  • Niche-specific Hashtags - custom hashtags that will depend on the context of your post; use 2-5 of them. For a post about laser hair removal, for example, include hashtags like #laserhairreduction #laserhairremovaltreatment #laserhairtreatments #hairfreelegs.
  • Brand-specific Hashtags - Create 1-4 hashtags personalized to your medical spa center.

Monitor the hashtags you're using and keep track of your posts' engagement rates to see which tags are working, so you can optimize your future posts accordingly.

If you need more advice on medical spa marketing, our team will be more than happy to help you out. Let's have a chat today.

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