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Creative Botox Marketing Ideas

| 10/20/2022
3 min read

With almost every med spa, dermatology and cosmetic skin clinic from Los Angeles to New York now advertising Botox treatments, using the same old marketing strategies to attract new customers simply won’t work.

If you’re looking for some new and creative ways to cut through the noise and get your skin clinic noticed, here are some of our favorite Botox marketing ideas to try in 2022.

Best Botox Marketing Ideas to Use Right Now

Host a virtual event

In 2020, we all had to adapt our lives and businesses to do things in new ways online, and it’s a trend that’s stuck around in 2022—why not make the most of our newfound love of engaging online, and host a virtual event.

Organize a live Botox demonstration or Q&A session with one of your expert physicians, and remember to include plenty of freebies and giveaways to entice viewers to join in.

Show people what’s possible with Instagram Reels

The power of the ‘before and after’ shot in cosmetic medicine has been known for years, but in 2022, it’s time to present your before and after’s in a new way. 

Rather than simply publishing images on your website and hoping people find them, there are plenty of fun, innovative and engaging ways you can present before and after shots using Instagram Reels—and if you’re really creative, you may even go viral!  

Harness the power of ‘Influence’

Endorsements are a great way to build awareness and credibility of your skin clinic, and today, endorsements are largely driven by social media influencers.

Try reaching out to a few influencers that would appeal to your ideal type of client to see if they’d be willing to give your clinic a mention or post in return for a free treatment.

Make an offer that’s too good to resist

Everyone loves a great deal, so why not entice new customers to give you a go using PPC marketing

You can target people actively considering Botox treatment and give them a special offer like ‘Buy 5 Botox Treatments, Get the 6th Free’ or ‘Free Microdermabrasion with Every Botox Treatment’ to entice them to choose you over your competitors.

Need a Hand Marketing Botox Online?

At MD Logica, we utilize a range of tried-and-tested digital marketing techniques that will get your dermatology or skin clinic noticed in the crowded online environment.

Find out more about how we can help you find more customers.

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